How to get an Australian expat home loan for non-residents with the help of mortgage brokers

The first step is to engage a non-resident home loan specialist who can do all the coordination work for you while you are overseas. Mortgage consultants in Australia who have expertise in non-resident home loans can fast track the approval process from Australian banks.  A home loan mortgage broker will request specific information relating to your income, expenses and identification and then coordinate with local banks to present a non-resident home loan to meet your specific needs. 

Australians living overseas can purchase any property in Australia for their non-resident home loan.  Overseas citizens must attain approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board which is an Australian government body to review the specific details of the purchase.  The rules are more relaxed for overseas citizens purchasing new property as apposed to existing residential property as this is viewed as investing and adding growth the local economy.

Home loans for non-residents require additional preparation from mortgage consultants in Australia hence strongly recommend contacting an expat home loan mortgage specialist.  Once you attain formal pre-approval you can then act quickly to purchase your Australian property.

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