How investing in property from overseas will help you in the long run

 Your Australian expat home loan is a fantastic investment for your future.  While you are living overseas your Australian property has the potential to  increase in value.  You can use rental income received from your tenants to assist with the monthly interest repayments.  When you come back to Australia  there are significant negative gearing tax benefits while you are earning an Australian income to pay for your investment property. Property is a popular  investment in Australian as it is relatively safe investment compared to high risk assets such as shares. 

 If you do decide to live back in Australia you then have the option of moving back into your property.  Expats who wait until they return to Australia to  purchase property have the risk that property prices have increased while they have been overseas.  Securing an Australian expat home loan will ensure  your property is at today’s price using rental income to reduce the monthly interest cost.

 Australian property is a strong market with considerable recent growth.  Property is an asset which is best held for long term investment. There may be  fluctuations in the short term however over many years Australian property has proven to bring high returns.  As property is not a liquid asset that is it can’t  easily be bought and sold quickly there are not the same price fluctuations as seen in the sharemarket.

 When selecting an expatriate home loan your specialist broker can do all the ground work for you finding an appropriate loan to meet your specific  expatriate home loans requirements.  This ensures you can focus our time and energy on researching and selecting an Australian property. 

 The main benefits of property investment;

  • Property can be less volatile than the stockmarket
  • Rental income and capital growth (if the value increases over time)
  • Investing in a tangible product you can see
  • Australia has strong legal laws to facilitate property purchases

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